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Step right up for the amazing, the magnificent, the splendiferous; Barefeet Acrobats!

The project

Over the Summer of 2012 I visited the African country of Zambia, where I met the Barefeet Acrobats and offered to help them with the wonderful work that they are doing. They are a ridiculously talented group of dedicated young acrobats based in Zambia's vibrant capital city, Lusaka.

They work with young people (aged 5-25) from a very poor background, living in Lusaka's notorious compounds, and teach them to channel their energy into something positive. Sadly, many in these kids' situations turn to crime, and/or get involved with drink and drugs as a way to get by in life. The acrobats offer the chance to get involved with something positive and creative. They teach unique skills and create opportunities for talented youngsters to develop and to showcase their abilities. There are not many opportunities of this type in Zambia. 



The million dollar question 

The Acrobats are intending on visiting Liverpool to take part in the week-long physical theatre festival - Physical Fest - in mid May. The organisers have already raised a lot of money for the travel but still have a long way to go. I am hoping to raise a substantial contribution here. 

I am also asking for help to pay for some new costumes for the performances at the festival, which they can re-use for future performances. 

They also need funding in order to pay to register a new website which they will use to: provide a showcase of their work; advertise their services to potential clients; and to keep everyone updated as to what they are up to.

Finally, they already have some t-shirts for the whole team (the red numbers in the video) that have been kindly donated, and now need to pay to print with their logo so they can use them for performances and workshops.

They need:

- £200 for costumes

- £30 to pay for domain registration for 3 years

- £70 for t-shirt printing

£100 to contribute towards travel to the UK (at point of writing the Acrobats are still £600 short of the funds needed to travel to the UK; other fundraising events are planned, but this will really help!)

Any money raised above the £400 target will go to great use as there is always plenty of work to be done, so please give generously! Thank-you :-)


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Check This Out!

Check out the Barefeet Acrobats Facebook page for photos and news.

The Acrobats are part of a larger organisation - Barefeet Theatre - who helped to set them up. These guys are amazing!


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£84 raised already! We can do this :-) Please continue to share the project on social media and beyond. Thank-you!


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Many thanks to all sponsors and supporters so far! We're off to a good start :-) Please continue to share the project so we can smash our total!

Become the change you want to see. Do your best. Colourful murals in one of Lusakas compounds speak true words!


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