Hey! - A Queer Romance

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One man's trek through the murky waters of gay dating.

What is this?

"Hey! - A Queer Romance" is a short Romantic comedy but it's not your typical boy meets girl. In fact it's more like: boy meets boy, meets boy, meets boy?

Who are  you?

I'm Alex B. McGarry (Writer/Producer), a Queer filmmaker who is sick of seeing the same story told over and over by the same people. So I want to tell the stories of people outside the mainstream.

Other people are also working on the film, It's not all about me.

Fi Nicholson - Director.

Georgia Wilde - Co-Producer

Jose Carlos Rueda - DOP

Corinne Thomas - Art Director

Petra Lewis & Holly Isherwood - Camera Team

Pete Lomas - Sound Recordist

Hattie Williams - Editor

Stuart Hole - colourist

As well as others working behind the scenes to bring Hey! to you lovely people.

Well, What's it about then?

Think of the last Rom-Com you saw, it probably had a very nice looking lady and a classically handsome man in it, right? They got together then fell out but realised they loved each other in the end, we've all seen this movie. A lot.

I want to make the complete opposite of that: It's going to be rude; it's going to be crude and it's going to be gay.

Frank is a 20 something gay man who has had his heart broken by his ex boyfriend and current flatmate Phil. Seeing Phil going on a date drives Frank to meet Nathan - a handsome and charming man - but little does the pair know that they are both exes of Phil. Can they overcome this awkward connection and find true love? Or at the very least a decent shag? Give us money and find out!

Here's What's going to happen:

  • If we hit our minimum we can pay actors and get a basic location (with a little left over to reward your generosity).
  • If we reach our full goal: then we can pay our actors, get a cool location, reward you lot, pay all our fee's, get awesome props and send the film to festivals - where hopefully important people will like it.

Stuff for you

We have racked our brains and come up with some pretty cool rewards for you right up there!From fashionable tote bags, to items that will help you get down and dirty with that someone special. What are you waiting for? Spend spend spend!

follow these things for updates!

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please help us

This is just one last plea for you to help us. If you can't afford to give us any money then you can always share our content on social media.

Though in saying that please give me money.

4 months, 3 weeks ago

It's done! We have officially completed our crowdfund.

You all helped us raise £1351!

Now we are going to make a kick ass film and get making some cool rewards to thank you for your generosity.

Thank you everybody, I love you all!


Alex x

5 months ago

Well you did it.

Because of you AMAZING people I can make the film that I have had in my head for over a year.

Now Fi (The Director) will take over and she will make a kick ass film for us all to enjoy.

Thank you all so much for your contribution, your generosity has pushed us even harder to do this thing.

Now any money that gets raised is put into the festival fund so that "The People" get to see our film.

I'm trying not to cry as I write this but I am not sorry about that, I bloody love you all.


Alex x

5 months, 1 week ago



Because of you amazing, beautiful, kind folks we have reached our minimum target of £600 and can now pay actors to be in the movie - it's kind of hard to make a film without them.

We are busy now with casting so stand by for an update after auditions!

I am honestly blown away by the fact that we have reached this target, I fucking love every single person that has shared or liked our page, and of course sponsored us.

From this point on the money raised will be going towards making the film as good as it can be. We are going to keep pushing till we hit our target and maybe even beyond that!

Finally, I just want to thank all of you from the bottom of my wee gay heart, you have made this bitter queen very happy.

Alexander Mcgarry

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Good luck Alex

Go have fun kids can't wait to see it

Good Luck

Good luck Iain & Dave x

Best of luck to Alex and your team, well done for disrupting the tired old format! We all need a little more REAL life instead of 'reality' media we're constantly served up.

Good Luck with the project.

Good luck!

Good look to y'all :)

Good Luck Alex

Sorry that I can't donate more - currently saving for a gay wedding. Best of luck with the project! x